13th NTRCA exam question and Solution School 2016

NTRCA exam question is now available for solution. You can check your answer for 13th NTRCA exam question. We have tried to solve for all question here. If you found any wrong ans for ntrca exam question, please let us know in comment section.




1. Education for all people ___ a mammoth task.
Ans: is
2. Man has no escape ___ death.
Ans: from
3. Today the world is passing through____ Juncture
Ans: critical
4. The old man can not help __ a cup of tea.
Ans: having
5. There is ____ milk in the bottle.
Ans: very little
6. কলমটি তার-
Ans: He is the owner of the pen.
7. বিনয় মহত্বের ভূষন।
Ans: Modesty is embellishment of greatness
8. কেটলিতে পানি টগবগ করছে।
Ans: The water is simmering in the kettle.
9. ট্রেনটি ঢাকা যাবে।
Ans: The train is bound for Dhaka.
10. The shirt is ___.
Ans: after my taste
11. What is the meaning of ‘prior to’ ___?
Ans: before
12. The suffering of the poor man ___.
Ans: beggars description
13. I wish I had seen you before. (Exclamatory)
Had I seen you before!
14. Beside going to the book fair, I bought a number of books. (compound)
Ans: I went to the book fair and and bought a number of books.
15.Do you find your payment too little? (passive)
Ans: Is your payment found too little to you?
16. There is little milk in the glass. (Interrogative)
Ans: Is there any milk in the glass?
17. I know him better than you.(positive)
Ans: You do not know him as well I know him
18. I am sure he (pass) the examination.
Ans: will pass
19. Walk carefully lest___.
Ans: you should stumble
20. People (talk) his courage even after his death.
Ans: talk of
21. Three-fourth of the work __ finished.
Ans: is
22. We felt very tired. The word ‘tired’ used in the sentence is ___.
Ans: none (Adverb)
23. The verb of the word ‘beautiful’ is-
Ans: beautify
24. The synonym of the word ‘huge’ is-
Ans: colossal
25. The synonym of the word ‘unique’ is-
Ans: distinctive