Government Jobs Vacancies Are Not Being Met

Vacancies in different government departments are not being met. As a result, every year is being a long list of these positions for government jobs. The government last year increased 25 percent vacancy. Over the years, the vacant due to the growing unemployment problem in the country. At the same time peoples are being deprived of government services.


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The Prime Minister’s directive to the secretary of the committee to find the reason of high vacant the government and find ways to quickly fill the position for the government jobs. But the files are stuck in a desk. As a result, the government has not concerned to fill the vacant seat. The cabinet approved on October 31, according to the number of vacant posts stood at 2016 on June 30, the government job vacant 3 lakh 9 thousand 591, which is 5 percent higher than the previous year. Last year, the government office of the Directorate was two lakh 47 thousand 648 vacancies. 2013-14 was two lakh forty-two thousand and four hundred twelve.

Approximate Number of Government Jobs Vacancies

There are more than ten thousand vacancies in the nine ministries or department. The top of the list is the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education. The various departments under the Ministry of sixty-four thousand and one hundred ten posts are vacant. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has thirty-seven thousand eight hundred and fifty-five vacant posts. In addition, twenty-six thousand of the eleven Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education of a sixteen thousand, thirteen thousand four hundred and two seats in the course of Post and Telecommunications.

Was vacating for a few years at the Ministry of Agriculture for a government job. But the Ministry of Agriculture has taken steps to meet these terms. The offices of the Ministry of Employment unethical avoid recruitment test taken by institutions such as the University of Dhaka. The Ministry of Health last year, employs about 10 thousand nurses could improve the situation very much. Over the next year, the ministry plans to fill the position vacated with the appointment of teachers. The Ministry of Health and Family Planning. In the meantime, the Ministry of Public Administration and the Ministry of Finance to fill the vacant seat has been cleared.

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